ZODIAQUE Interview #03 with actress Lena Klenke

What are you working on currently? 

We are currently working on a new season of our Netflix series "How to sell drugs online (fast)", which we just started filming. After the third season, we thought the story had been told and we were too old for the subject matter, but Netflix asked us to do another season and here we are. Really looking forward to it!

Tell me something you learned through acting. 

I definitely learnt to be independent very early on. I was traveling alone from an early age, alone in hotels, alone on the train. Waiting, enduring boredom, learning to observe. I'm definitely someone who always has to take everything in first and then express myself. And you learn to deal with failure when you're rejected at auditions. You only ever see what works on the outside, but 9 out of 10 cases things might not work out. It all takes time and I believe that everything either happens or doesn't happen for a reason.

Are you a spiritual person? 

I for sure believe in destiny, horoscopes, and astrology ;) 

Which zodiac sign are you? 

Capricorn through and through, my Sun and Ascendant are in Capricorn and my moon is Aquarius. My birthday is on Christmas day.

As far as we know you were the first one to wear our silk underwear out on the red carpet. 

Yes, actually once before you even knew it! Twice, in fact. Our mutual friend Bella offered me her Athena bra to wear. I usually get ready for events at her place, so she was the one that brought the brand to my attention. It's often stressful before these events and I just want to feel comfortable. I feel like you can definitely tell if you feel comfortable in the clothes or not, especially on the red carpet. I used to try out a lot and had a stylist, but now I mostly do my own styling, which is fun as well. In the end, it can be the most amazing look, but if I don't feel at ease in it, something is off and it shows.

One piece of clothing you couldn't do without? 

I've just moved and realized that I definitely have a hoodie problem. So probably a thick hoodie and a well-fitting pair of jeans. 

Style Icon?

Rihanna and ASAP definitely. They can literally wear anything and look so good. I love how Rihanna leaves a restaurant with some kind of beverage, likes it's the most normal thing to do and just always looks stunning.

Ok, I will give you a topic and you’ll tell me what you think. 

Tik Tok

​​At first I was hesitant about it, but now I have fallen completely for it.

What's your favorite thing to watch there?

Whatever my algorithm comes up with. I just discovered knitting and knitted a lot during my christmas break and suddenly my whole feed was full of knitting stuff, and really cool tips and hacks haha. I don't really know how I'm going to put my own content on there yet, but we'll see... I feel like anything goes on tik tok.

Comfort Zone

A friend of mine writes a journal about doing one thing a day that gets you out of your comfort zone. I like that idea!


I've honestly never been on a date, but I love listening to my friends' dating stories. For me, the whole thing is a strange concept.

What's something you are obsessed about currently? 

Knitting and freckles. I saw a tik tok video of someone drawing them with henna paint and now I'm doing it all the time, lasts kind of three days and I love it.

We've talked about manifestation before, can you give a tip for it?

Writing. I prefer to keep things to myself and write them down before I share them with others and talk about them. Sometimes I find old lists or notes of mine and laugh at the fact that they actually came about.

Lena’s Recommendations:  A song, a book, a movie.

We met Lena at Hoxton Hotel Charlottenburg in Berlin. Check out her instagram @lenaklenke. 


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