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ZODIAQUE Interview #04 with chef and model Laszlo Badet

How could we introduce you and what you do Laszlo?
My name is Laszlo Badet, I am Swiss-Italian. I am 30 years old. I live in Paris. I am a chef and a model.
You're known for the most magical and detailed food projects. What inspires your work currently?
At the moment I am very inspired by a trip to Japan. I had the chance to spend time there and nourish my mind with many things. I try to create links between my discoveries and my projects today.
What has been your favorite project so far and who would be your dream collaborator? I don’t have any favorite projects, all of them are unique and wonderful. they teach me so much about my passions and each time give me great experiences to always do better. I have many dreams but modesty leads me to wish above all to continue doing what I do while loving my job. regardless of the client or the request.
What's your favorite ingredient? Vegetables! Currently radish. 
Can you tell me about a piece in your wardrobe that you will never let go of? A beautiful red dress that I have worn on each of my birthdays for years. the fabric is arranged in the shape of flowers.
If you could give one styling tip: wear what makes you happy every day. For me an outfit transcribes our emotions so why not surround yourself with clothes that describe it.
What’s next or what are you working on right now? Taking care to always provide more room for my creativity despite all the requests or clients.
Your zodiac sign : Gemini

Laszlo’s recommendations: A song, a book, a film. Nothing in particular, just travel in the nature. Nature will give you everything you want to receive. 


Lazslo is wearing the ivory Venus silk set in S. Check out @laszlobadet and @cantinelaszlo on Instagram. 


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