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ZODIAQUE Interview #02 with stylist Viviane Hausstein

You spend a lot of time in Italy. Tell me your favourite thing about it. 

What I really love and admire about the Italians is that they never get bored of talking about food and cooking. Even while they sit on the table and having lunch or dinner. They always try to get the best out of it even if it’s already super delicious and incomparably good. Also I appreciate their sincere love for beauty. I was born in Berlin so I was always trying to find beauty in things even if there wasn’t a spark of it. That taught me of not taking beauty for granted and to define my own idea of it. But in Italy I never get tired of the amount of beautiful things, because they exist in the most complex but also simplest way which makes everything so vivid and inspiring. 


Why do you work in fashion? 

I love the idea of creating unique stories as I do love the energy of a good team play with passionate people. 

Who do you like styling the most and who would you love to style one day? 

I have to say that I prefer to style women compared to men which doesn’t mean that men aren’t inspiring. I do love the feminin, playful and vulnerable side in all human man kind and I enjoy to play with genders. Kids styling is pretty much fun as well as most of them are far away from ‘being perfect’ and there is often a lot of natural movement that inspires me to new shapes and combinations. 

In regards to my personal client hero I have to say that I really love to work with courageous people with a willingness to take risks, like for ( a very famous ) example: Rihanna. She is pushing borders. Always a plus in fashion. Another life goal would be working with one of my favourite directors for their movies like Luca Guadagnino or Paolo Sorrentino. 


What inspires you when styling? 

The idea of creating something that you still love in 10-15 years when you look at it again. That mostly happens when you include a bite of your own personal story or a documentary. 

What is your everyday look? 

I love to wear colourful PJs. Plus a wool sweater on top, air-dried freshly washed hair and Birkenstocks. And if I can manage it timewise a little bit of color on my lips. Besides that I am a proper dress girl. Barefoot preferred.

What is it like being a mother of two? 

Chaotic, stressful, exciting, overwhelming, makes me proud every day, fullfilled with love, the biggest joy but also being worried for the most important things in life, my kids. 

 What is your favourite movie?

It’s hard to decide which one is the number one as there are so many important movies. But one I really love and saw thousand times is Magnolia from Paul Thomas Anderson. Everything from Sorrentino like La Grande Bellezza, Tree Of Life from Terrence Malick or Love from Gaspar Noe, hottest sex scenes with the hottest threesome. 



What are you reading right now?

I unfortunately am a very bad reader I must confess. Recently I read a letter exchange from Rilke to a friend. That was the present of a very good friend of mine. She gave it to me after we took the so called Rilke walk very close to Arco in Italy and we spent time together while her boyfriend read poems of Rilke and we enjoyed the beautiful nature stroll. Murakami is still waiting to be finished.

What is your favourite way of styling your ZODIAQUE pieces?  

I love to wear the shiny Athena Bra with my comfy brown linen pants and barefoot somewhere in the nature during a warm spring day like I recently did. 

What is the last thing you got in trouble for? 

To me trouble is always around the corner especially in these times wherewe all get tested by the universe all the time. I try to avoid trouble as I love to be in peace and prefer to have a neutral positive mind. But sometimes energy needs to be released, like a lightning discharge, and afterwards there is calmness again. So I am the last person who’s judging a proper passionate discussion.  


What do you think about love?  

Love is everything. You can find love in everything. It’s this moment when you feel seen and accepted, when you feel connected to something or someone, when you are curious to dive deeper into something. For true love you need patience and an open heart.  

We met Viviane in her apartment in Berlin. Check out her Instagram @vivianehausstein. 


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